My Pretty Petite Flower

I really love all those pics. All the angles are juzt right (fr me la! coz i x pandai shoot, main taram jer ade la!). Thanx dear....whose willing to help me 2 shoot all my little tiny cupcakes even though it almost overnight and some more he was hit by a migraine. Now indirectly i've appoint him as a resident photographer (mcm res. architect plak!). Charge? Murah jer, upah gosok baju untuk dia pegi keje, okla looo n cook his fav food... heeeee..... but sometimes ngelat jugak...suruh our cleaner do it fr me... sorry dear...

price for babycupcakes, paperliner cup, with limited design

  1. 25pcs - RM30
  2. 50pcs - RM58

design fr eg.: buttercream swirl with pearls/sprinkles, roses swirl + pearl, buttercream swirl + chocolate drizzle

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