ladybird cake for FARA

Fara requested a ladybird cake.. sama la mcm yg dah pernah buat tuk anzlyn before this.. slight modification so that you all dont share the same cake design lah.... thats the different if compared to buy it from kedai.. they got template... 100 customer pon design tetap sama.. xde xclusivity lahh... albeit minor, it is still customised.. so sesapa nk cake neh.... sila2 lah.. kalau are shah alam, since the cake priced at 100.++, the DELIVERY FREE OF CHARGE lahhhh....

btw, this cake is not for bday or special event lah.. this is for suka suka makan ajerw laaahh..

and also a our OREO CHEESE CAKE......... one of our hot selling cake.. a BIG recomendation to you

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hye kak miza.. =)
thx buatkan cake ni.. 2jenis cake yg sodaapppppp...~~~!!!! nti nk tempah lg design lain lakssssss... ;)

opsss lupa nk perkenalkan diri... kita la fara... ank buah pak razak....... means husband mak rina adik akk hihihihihihi ;D